Build Rescue teaser

We know how much it can hurt to be left high, and dry. A new home build or renovation is a big financial and emotional investment. It takes time to plan, hard work to save and a lot of guts to take the leap. So when a developer cuts corners or doesn’t live up to their glossy advertising, it hurts.

After being involved in the housing industry as long as we have, you will see this happen more times than you would think. A builder will promise the world, but only delivers more problems than pavers. This was the case with a recent ‘build rescue’ we were involved in.

Mastro Building were suggested to a family after a home builder had left a family in the lurch. The home builder had become insolvent mid-way through the build. The house was left at ‘plate height’ stage, and sat untouched for 6 months. The emotional and financial stress left the family in shock and hesitant to jump back into the project.

A friend of the family suggested that they chat with the team at Mastro Building. After hearing about their situation, we were excited to jump in and turn the project around.

Mastro Building director, Justin, took charge of the project to make sure that the build would be completed to the highest standard. Over the next few months, Justin and the Mastro Building team were able to complete the build on time and on budget. He worked closely with the client, providing guidance and advice along the way. Justin also worked hard to keep the family in the loop, providing open lines of communication constantly throughout the project.

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