Triplex Development – Nollamara

Triplex Development – Nollamara teaser

In every build, the little things always make the biggest difference. Whether it is the quality of material, the design features, or the pre-installed technologies, these are the things that can really set a project apart from the rest. These are also the elements that can make a house into an incredible home. That is why we always spend some time on these features. Our recent triplex development in Nollamara is proof of that.

Despite being a large project, from the beginning of the design stage, we wanted to create something that was not just a cookie cutter development. We wanted to build something that we could be proud of and that a homeowner could really love.

The development was made up of three, single-story villas that each had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. From the design of kitchen to how it used energy, we took each and every opportunity to set it apart. Using solar principles, timeless design, and our experience of years in the industry, we implemented design features that could add to the aesthetic as well as provide a functional benefit.

The final build was stunning. The kitchens of each villa were built to be both spacious and beautiful. With stone topped benches and enough over head cabinet space for extra storage. Each home was built with 30 coarse high ceilings to provide a comfortable atmosphere, and to provide premium ventilation. We created storage areas in each garage that were flexible and easy to access. We even thought of visitors too, using feature rendering to make entry points into the vicinity clear.

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